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In my last post I eluded to the fact that Ivana Fukalot enjoys sucking cock and truly likes the taste of a mans cum. Now I have some indisputable video evidence that backs up that claim!

Join and download all of her blowjob videos or stream them online. Each one comes with high resolution pics and is encoded in a variety of formats.

Time for me to download the cell phone video so I can show her blowjob abilities off at the water cooler tomorrow. Lets just hope that bitch Janis from accounting doesn’t try to hang out.

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If you got with a girl that doesn’t get real horny I have news for you. Ivana Fukalot does get super horny and she doesn’t get jealous if you look at other girls like your main squeeze does!

Most girls don’t get as horny as guys do. They have a completely different chemistry. Their hormone levels can get very skewed if they put on weight.

That is why skinny girls like Ivana need to fuck so much. They have a chemistry that is geared for fucking. Plus, Ivana loves the taste of cum. So if your main squeeze is repulsed my the mere sight of your cum load I suggest you start swinging with girls that enjoy it!

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This hot amateur blondie loves getting filmed while stripping in posing in all kinds of positions. She’s been a gymnast and she’s extremely flexible. You can start playing her video clip now by looking above to see her taking off her sexy lingerie and spreading her pussy incredibly wide. You don’t want to look any further, watching this hot solo girl porn video will be a great choice for you.

And whenever you’ll be in the mood for more kinky free hot porn videos feel free to step by and we’ll make sure you’ll be offered just what you need to feel good.

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Most guys know their buddies jack off, but many don’t realize women masturbate just as often as men do. I think that is where the whole Fukalot thing came about!

When there are no boys around randy women will resort to having sex with each other or possibly even masturbate while watching an adult DVD.

Start your own collection of adult DVDs by purchasing from the UK’s top DVD distributor, Fiona Cooper!

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With the Olympics in full swing I figured I should give you what you really want to see on the tennis courts. A hot teen with perky tits, a firm ass and a naked body!

Ivana Fukalot enjoys long strolls on the beach at sunset, deep conversation and taking it up her skinny little teen ass. Anybody up for giving her what she wants?


Ivana Fukalot pulling her shorts up her ass.


Ivana Fukalot spreading her teen pussy wide.

Watch her spread, finger, plunger and have sex at! She updates weekly and she doesn’t like saying no. What’s not to love?

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Here is the deal. You want to look at pictures of young girls without getting busted for looking at illegal pictures or branded as some kind of pervert looking at jailbait. That is understand-able.

So get an Ivana Fukalot membership and get the best of both worlds. This nubile teenager looks like total jailbait, but she won’t get you in any trouble… except with wifey-boo if you let her find out you are looking at this little cutie!




By joining Ivana Fukalot you get access to the site 18 Only Girls. This site is where Ivana got her start in online modeling and it is filled with barely legal girls like Natasha Shy!

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Make no mistake about it – Ivana Fukalot is a dirty girl. She is just about as dirty as they come. In high school she was voted least likely to have shame and don’t you just love it when those high school predictions come true?

If you are into petite young ladies you do!

Ivana Fukalot is a petite young lady. Her body kept on growing length wise, but she hasn’t added anything in the titty department since she his puberty. A cups? Try a training bra!

Along with her young looking petite body Ivana has a young mind. She still prefers cotton print panties over that gaudy lacy stuff. She still buys her bra and panties in a training bra set!

You can enjoy and all of the girls at 18 Only Girls for one low price. She often invites the 18 Only girls over one, two or even three at a time to have sex with her!

Things get pretty freaky when you have four petite, young, teen bodies in the shower. But don’t take my word for it, tour Ivana Fukalot right now!

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When you want to enjoy the lake and the clouds are out there is one sure fire way to brighten the mood. Bring a piping hot teen like Ivana Fukalot with you!

Ivana is no stranger to role playing games and she especially likes the game Operation. Only instead of the annoying buzz sounding game, she prefers to play the real life version!

Imagine playing that game with her on the raft!


Can you get inside that A-cup bra and cop a feel?


Haha, good job! Now that spicy little vixen and her rock hard nipples are ready for some pleasure!


Hey, Ivana Fukalot will probably thank you for putting some warm hands on those rock hard cold nipples of hers!


Here is almost looks a bit like another well known solo model that has turned into a teenager.

Ivana Fukalot has a huge archive of videos and updates just waiting for you to dive in. Hurry up, with Ivana on hand the water is definitely warm!

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I was rummaging through the members area at Ivana Fukalot and fuck me if this gallery doesn’t take me back to my good old days!

When I was younger my parents went on vacation and left me with the next door neighbors. They had one of them girl next door kind of daughters. Super cute. Super naive about just how cute she was!

Anyway… Her parents preferred to watch TV in their room upstairs and that left me and their daughter alone downstairs. I could hear the dad snoring and mom wasn’t making any noise so I figured they both might have turned in early.

Their daughter was wearing some little short-shorts kind of pajamas that showed way too much of her cute little hiney for me not to notice. She was lying on her stomach facing away from me towards the TV and seemed transfixed on some primetime soap opera show.

As the show progressed she spent her time bouncing her feet and legs around. I was trying to figure out if she had any panties on under those pajama bottoms and so I would crick my neck this was and that trying to make out any color changes.


It must have been my lucky night because this girl reached back to scratch herself on her you know what and when she didn’t get the kind of satisfaction she was looking for, she pulled her pajamas to the side with one finger and scratched at her pussy lips with the other!

When she let her pajama bottoms go they didn’t go back properly and I was treated to a half-of-a-pussy shot. Plenty enough ammo for me at the time.

My cock was pounding against my soccer shorts, which were my favorite pajama bottoms during the summer. I pulled on the leg opening and let the eye of my cock get a good look at her delicious pussy. I swear it winked back at me!

Precum was already beginning to ooze out and I instinctively rolled it around the head and down the shaft without thinking about where I was or what I as doing.

After several minutes my nuts felt like they wanted to explode! As luck would have it there was a dish towel on the coffee table next to me. I reached over and grabbed it. Could I really pull this off? Could I shoot off a cum wad into this towel undetected?

As I got closer to the prize my eyes closed and I kind of got lost in what I was doing. I was just about to blow when I heard the object of my obsession clear her throat!


Holy fucking shit!

My mind went into lightning overdrive. It was the same thought process that has brought over 80% of the world’s babies into existence. The same basic final question is the same, "Yeah…. but can I still cum?"

Usually some kind of ground breaking information is given to the contestant before they come to the final conclusion on this quandary. Stuff like, "Hey, buddy, the condom broke," or, "Hey, buddy, the condom broke and this isn’t your wife!"

Luckily for me (they say luck comes in threes right?) I wasn’t at a child rearing juncture in my life. No… I was masturbating to a teenage booty of the girl next door and I was just caught red handed!

So my thought process was more like, "OK, she hasn’t flipped out. She is looking at my cock like she wants to see a finale. So we are good to go right?"

I moved the towel to the side of my leg and pointed my cock up and in that direction. If I was going to do this it might be best to give this girl a show, I was thinking.

My cum shot out in spurts and with each one she gasped silently and open mouthed. Cool. She was intrigued and not disgusted!

Ivana Fukalot will help you remember a lot of good times. Great times! She has tons of videos from softcore to very hardcore. So many female models have shot with her in threesome and lesbian scenes it is almost like you are on a multi-model site instead of a solo model site!

Find out more about this teenage sex queen at Ivana Fukalot!

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Ivana Fukalot got her big break in porn when she appeared on a site by one of her friends called Natasha Shy. Everyone started writing more fan mail for Ivana then Natasha and it was obvious she needed her own place to experiment sexually.

Teen sex is nothing new. Your grandma and grandpa probably engaged in it. So did their elders. Where do you think the term shotgun wedding came from? Back in the day!

On Ivana Fukalot you get access to what is undeniably some of the hottest teen sex videos ever created. She fucks herself, she fucks other girls and when there is a hard, hot, throbbing member to fuck, she fucks guys… sometimes two at a time!

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They say that girls just want to have fun and I have to say that Ivana Fukalot is no slouch when it comes to having fun… in the sack!

When no boys are around Ivana isn’t a stranger to reaching out towards one of her many female friends and when one of them isn’t available? That is when Ivana Fukalot takes matters into her own hands!

Ivana Fukalot has dozens of videos and hundreds of photo sets. Her youthful appearance will have you remember your days of yore in no time!

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So here is the story. You find this little forest nymph running around and suddenly she stops to masturbate. Right there in the woods she strips to her panties and toys with her little clitty.




While you watch this little fuck slut is frigging her clit like a jackhammer. Just when it seems like she is about to cum she stops and looks unsatisfied. Then she starts up again and this goes on for a few more starts and stops…

Being the good guy that you are, you offer Ivana Fukalot your cock. You are figuring that maybe she needs a good hard fucking.


When she sees you she goes to run but her hold her back and reassure her that you are only trying to help. Once she sees your hard cock she dives onto it, taking it into her warm mouth.



Like a hungry little slut Ivana Fukalot slurps on your cock trying to taste your sperm. You notice she is frigging herself furiously again and this time she cums!

Again, being a good fellow you don’t want her to feel weird about being the only one cumming so you let your cock wad go and it hits her right in the face. She opens her eyes and finds the head of your cock in time to slurp up a good portion of man goo.

Yet another win-win situation with Ivana Fukalot!