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Posted By Admin on 09/29/17 - Bookmark Ivana Fukalot

Now, you’re probably thinking to yourself, why the fuck would I ask such a question as the one posted by the title of this blog post? After all, the obvious answer should be a hell yes, right?

Well, not so fast my friend. You have to remember that when it comes to free sex hookup experiences, most guys get soft. Seriously, I’m not talking about becoming impotent. I’m not talking about experiencing erectile dysfunction, although that does happen. What I’m talking about is that they get moist. Seriously. They turn into emotional pre-pubescent little girls.

They get all emotional the moment they have sex with somebody. Now, this of course, goes against the grain of the typical all macho narrative that all guys are supposed to subscribe to. All guys are supposed to believe that the moment you stick your dick to one pussy, it’s not much different from sticking your dick in as many different holes all over the planet. It’s all about spreading your seed and fucking as many different women as possible, until you find “the one.”

This is the woman you marry which, of course, is a complete virgin and has all the female virtues of the world, and is the complete opposite of all the whores and skanks you fucked along the way. Well, I hope you can see how ridiculously unrealistic this is because let’s face it, whores also make for great moms and wives. And being a whore is really a fucked up male perspective because just because she loves sex doesn’t make her a whore, in the same way you like fucking, doesn’t make you some sort of moral degenerate.

Do you see who this works when using adult hookup sites like ? The whole Madonna-whore dichotomy really needs to go because a woman can be great in bed and have had many thousand lovers before and can still be a great and faithful wife, as well as a very loving mother. We all have that capacity. We’re all sinners and saints all mixed into one compact form.

Unfortunately, guys get all moist when it comes to sex and that’s why they really cannot let go of their initial impression. They really cannot let go of the fact that they’ve had sex with somebody and as a result, can’t be friends. This really is too bad because this is all the handy work of that 12 year old pre-pubescent boy that you have in your heart.

If you want to be treated like a man and act like a man, you need to kick that little inner child’s ass and tell him to grow the fuck up. Seriously. There is no Madonna-whore complex and there is no space for little boys when it comes to the brave new world of the online free sex hookup. We’re all adults here. Start acting accordingly.

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